School of Worship

Am available for teaching a weekend School of Worship at your local church or in a community area. 

Finding the hidden treasures in each person and allowing God to pull that out of them.  We also had teaching from the Bible, impartation of the team, and practical music for each group.  In addition, we had three different classes.. one on guitar, one on vocal instruction, and another on keyboards. 

So much to share on, it felt as if we didn't have time to share on everything.  This can be individually tailored to the needs of the local church. 

Classes include private lessons. 

Worship in the Bible - principles of Worship

The worship team - raising up and developing a successful worship team seeking God's face and presence.


Allen leads worship and allows the Holy Spirit to move in a service.  Many have said they have felt the presence of God as they worship God. 

Worship Leading - Vocal /Instrumental

Teaching on Praise and Worship with Congregation

Working with Worship Team

* How to lead worship
* Building effective worship teams
* When to know that God's presence is manifest in the service.
* How to respond to God's presence.
* Leading the people in Praise and Worship
* Other topics...

Other services I have offered.

Music Transcription - transcribing audio music into sheet music.
* Private or group instruction for instruments or vocal
* Vocal clinics for worship teams


Vocalist and instrumentalist. (Listen to my songs in Soaking Worship/Music for samples of worship.) Download for free!

Instruments I play:

Keyboard, piano, vocal, flute, acoustic/classical guitar, EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument)

Equipment and studio: Cakewalk Sonar Studio 8.5, Dimension Pro, Garritan software, Edirol software, Edirol Controller Keyboard, TruePianos, Steinberg Groove Agent, Mackie Firewire 1202 Mixer, Jamstix 3.0, Various VST (soft synths) to name some of the software I use. Various studio quality mics for vocal or live instruments.


Worship Leading -Keyboard/vocal guitar/vocal computer/instrument/vocal

Teaching on Praise and Worship

Workshops on Praise and Worship

Can lead worship in a mixed environment of traditional and contemporary songs.

Contemporary Service

Work and instruct worship team in flowing in worship and prophetic ministry.

- Training is something that we all can use. 

I've sat through the endless waste of times when a group leader didn't know how to conduct a rehearsal. 

Yes, there are easy things to do to prevent this.  What a waste of people's time when you could save time, energy and talent and especially not get on each other's nerves. 

I'll never forget the time when the worship leader (a guitar player) forgot which fret he was to use with his capo.  The entire song instantly went into a different key.  He didn't know it until the end of the song.  He said it seemed a little high when he sang the melody. 
Finally someone had to tell him that he was using the wrong fret.  If you're the bass player, or other instrumentalist, it can definitely have an effect on you. 

Music is just like other things in this world.  There is need for training and knowing one's craft. 

I had someone do a major renovation of my house.  He was fairly skilful, except left and didn't finish the end.  Yes, I had to hire someone else, and then eventually I had to finish it myself by installing molding in a proper manner. 

Perhaps you've been in those worship services where you wished someone could actually take you and put you in the presence of God where you could be ministered to.  For sure, it is our responsibility to do our own worship, but it sure helps with a skilful person such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman or Israel Houghton who know how to worship and praise God.  It's so easy to just worship after listening to a Michael W. Smith video.  It's not worship of them, but what they produce.  A sense of God's presence in your midst.  His Glory!  Of course he won't share that with anyone else. 

These are key ingredients that I can share in a meeting, rehearsal or conference to avoid the pitfalls that so many worship teams go through. 

Usually in the natural musicians can be picky people.  To waste their time in a poorly executed rehearsal can bring death to a worship team and even church.  I've seen it happen too many times.  No excuses for being picky though.  We know we're to have the fruit of God in our lives, but not all of us make it.. right? 

In most rehearsals, half of the time is just wasted.. not even fellowship, but just plain boredom.  And we wonder why we don't have skilful musicians stay with the team but rather leave? 

I remember at a conference when Phil Driscoll said the toughest thing on the devil was a musician who knew their skill and craft, but abadoned that.. and didn't trust in it even though they could play what they heard, write it, and whatever... but they abandoned themselves to God's presence.. and they allowed to "call the shots".  This is awesome! 

Lots of times.. it's practicing the presence of God.  Allowing God to have our time and attention. 

This is my heart's desire to see worship teams be able to praise and worship before His Throne.

The Bible says that Chenaniah, chief musician, was chosen because of his skilfulness.  That's amazing. 

"And Chenaniah, chief of the Levites for the music, gave instruction in music, for he was skilful." 1 Chronicles 15:22

Listen to Kari as she sings this current youtube song.  Sense God's power and presence at Christ for the Nations Institute (where I attended and led worship).  They definitely are worshipping God! 

Workshops -

* Allen offers several types of workshops for the music minister and the entire worship team.
* Practicing the presence of God.. releasing a flow.
* Unifying the worship team.
* How to flow in prophetic worship and spiritual release.
* Chord structures, building worship teams,
* Developing worship teams musically and spiritually.